SprinkGUARD LLC offers industrial strength fire sprinkler head guards, unlike anything on the market, designed to protect fire suppression systems from accidental activation.  Our founder, Matt Hunsberger, was the head women’s basketball coach at Holy Cross College when in January of 2009 the College opened their new student life facility.  Three months after the opening the new gymnasium was flooded when a student kicked a soccer ball in the college’s new student life center and accidentally struck and broke a fire sprinkler head.   That broken fire sprinkler head sent a flood of cascading water onto the brand new $200,000.00 hardwood basketball gym floor.  It was during this terrible accident that Matt came up with the solution known today as SprinkGUARD.  SprinkGUARD’s patented product line offers ultimate protection for fire sprinkler heads and has a customer list that includes Coca-Cola, Walmart, Mercedes-Benz, Kroger, Generals Mills, Levi Strauss, The University of Notre Dame and Princeton University just to mention a few.  SprinkGUARD is proudly produced in the United States and is sold worldwide.  SprinkGUARD helps people protect what matters most to them. . . and nothing matters more than that.