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Learn More About The Best Defense Against
Accidental Fire Sprinkler Head Activations
Learn More About The Best Defense Against
Accidental Fire Sprinkler Head Activations
Rugged Design

SprinkGUARD is a heavy duty sprinkler head guard designed to withstand the force of foreign objects and other hazards. Common guards made of low gauge wire offer minimal impact protection.

Innovative Protection

Unlike common guards, SprinkGUARD attaches to the supply line. The integrated safety collar stops full rotation due to impact, preventing the guard from contacting the sprinkler head.

UL Classified

SprinkGUARD is built for performance and safety. All models have been rigorously UL tested for strength, durability, and spray pattern and classified for use in fire suppression systems.

Is SprinkGUARD Right For Your Facility?

Contact us with your protection requirements, and one of our specialists will be in touch to discuss your project specifications. 


Attaches to the supply line to avoid contact with the sprinkler head while the integrated safety collar prevents full rotation due to impact


The heavy duty welded steel construction is built to withstand impact from virtually any hazard


The unmatched durability of SprinkGUARD makes it a one time investment for your facility


Aesthetically conforming to most facility interiors and available in a variety of colors to match its surroundings


Standard sizes fit most major sprinkler head models and custom design options to meet specific applications

American Made

SprinkGUARD is proudly engineered and manufactured in the U.S.A.

Replacing Liabilities With Solutions

Protects Investments

Protects inventory, merchandise, property, and equipment from damage due to accidental activation

Stops Downtime Loss

Stops productivity and revenue loss due to down time caused by accidental activations

Maintains Code Requirements

UL Classified performance protects the integrity of the fire suppression system and its components

Fire Sprinkler Guards
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