Athletic Facilities

Who would have ever thought that a basketball or soccer ball could be one of the most hazardous things in the gymnasium to the integrity of your facility? This company was created because a student with a soccer ball broke off a fire sprinkler head inside his college’s student Rec Center and ruined a $200,000.00 hardwood floor. lt happens; in fact you would be surprised at how many times we have heard customers say that it was a “one in a million shot”. The idea of objects hitting fire sprinkler heads so high in the air…and yet they do. We have witnessed countless gym floors, indoor soccer areas, hockey rinks and even football practice facilities suffer from damaged or broken fire sprinkler heads. We have provided service for racquetball courts, weight training and aerobic areas, batting cages, golf simulators and even climbing walls. We all know that activity is a necessity for good health and having facilities to do those things we all enjoy is essential; securing that environment, including the fire sprinkler heads is equally essential.

Some of the best athletic programs in college sports are utilizing SprinkGUARD products to secure the facilities they are heavily invested in. We are the recommended product of choice for YMCA facilities across the country and several city park and rec. departments have turned to us as well. No matter the size or scale of your athletic program’s needs. SprinkGUARD provides the same attention to service whether you are a division I collegiate program or a local church looking to protect a handful of fire sprinkler heads in your multi-purpose room. You may be wondering what constitutes as fire sprinkler head at risk. The answer to that is simple…any fire sprinkler head that is not protected by a SprinkGUARD. When your fire sprinkler heads are exposed to loose objects, like athletic equipment of any kind, the potential for costly disaster is ever present. What makes SprinkGUARD the best choice? Every other product on the market attaches directly to the fire sprinkler head itself, creating a leverage point when an object hits it; they essentially create a larger target for something to damage the fire sprinkler head. Don’t limit the activity in your facilities; limit the liabilities and let SprinkGUARD provide your fire sprinkler heads the solution.