Some of the most well known companies in the world are turning to SprinkGUARD to help protect their operations and increase their bottom lines. ln order for any business to succeed, you must protect your bottom line. ln a global economy that challenge to produce successfully and competitively becomes more daunting with every passing day. We are mobilizing, “going lean” and cutting every possible ounce of unnecessary expense that we can to create better margins of profit. One of the greatest frustrations is to have the model in place, your executions clearly outlined and communicated with a commitment to excellence, and simple human error or an unforeseen circumstance drains you of the reward your hard work and sacrifice were meant to enjoy. “Down time”, “loss of inventory”, “property damage”, “remediation”, “equipment repair”; these are the terms and line items that kill the best of efforts from deserved and needed profit.

SprinkGUARD was designed to help stop the issue of broken fire sprinkler heads that cost companies precious revenue. Fire sprinklers within pallet rack and heads near material handling equipment are in constant threat of being damaged, and causing even further expense from tens and even hundreds of gallons of water from accidental activation. Historically, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has tracked and published data summarizing inadvertent automatic fire sprinkler system activations in the United States. Data that was compiled and published from 2003, estimated that there were 44,000 inadvertent automatic fire sprinkler system activations (approximately 120 per day) that year. How much is your inventory valued at? How much payroll expense would accumulate during just two hours of down time? At the average cost of over S100.00 per man hour, can you afford to have your preferred fire sprinkler contractor regularly repairing damaged sprinkler heads? We have testimonies from customers that dealt with broken sprinkler heads on a regular basis report that after implementing SprinkGUARD within their system they have not had to deal with the issue again even years later. We can’t anticipate every situation that may effect our business’s bottom line, but costly broken fire sprinkler heads are something we can help you put a stop too.