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Setting The Standard In

Fire Sprinkler Head Protection


SprinkGUARD is engineered for performance and focused on prevention. Learn how we are replacing liabilities with solutions.

Trusted By Professionals

Across Various Industries


SprinkGUARD is trusted by some of the world's best known brands. See how our guards are helping protect their assets.

The SprinkGUARD sprinkler head guard has finally crossed the bridge from term to function. This product has an application for nearly every scenario. If damage to sprinklers is either a fear or a business reality, then take a few minutes and review this product, it will be time well spent


Jeff Keiper, President  |  F.E. Moran Fire Protection

Providing Unmatched Protection Against Accidental Activations


Soccer balls, basketballs, forklifts, maintenance workers, the list of potential hazards is endless. Most sprinkler guards on the market today provide a false sense of security. See the damage that can result when sprinkler heads are not properly guarded.

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