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Soccer balls, footballs, frisbees, forklifts, maintenance workers, the list goes on and on. Fire suppression systems are a necessity for protecting property and saving lives. But what is protecting your system from human hazards?


Every year accidental, and malicious, activations of fire sprinkler heads cost businesses and organizations thousands of dollars in damage and remediation costs. No guard equals no protection while common guards provide only minimal protection.


SprinkGUARD industrial strength sprinkler head guards are built to withstand the force of nearly any foreign object or human hazard.

Hundreds of gallons of water hang over your investment every day. Why chance your business, inventory, or facilities to inferior wire guards? Be prepared and protected with SprinkGUARD.

LITERATURE Industry Articles & Product Literature
IN THE NEWS Reports of Accidental Activations

Sprinkler Head Break In

Wal-Mart Tire Center

When It Rains, It Pours

Gym Flooding Mayhem

Woman Smashes Bowling

Into Fire Sprinkler Head

Forklift vs. Sprinkler Head

Guess Who Will Win

Indoor Sports Challenge

With Unexpected Results

Accidental Sprinkler Head Break

In Target Warehouse

Sprinkler Head Break At

Lowe's Store

Sprinkler Head Break At

Home Depot Store

Real World Examples
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