Nowhere is it more important to protect the integrity of life saving fire sprinkler systems than in the home. You want the peace of mind that not only your family and most personal belongings are protected from the devastation caused by fire, but also the costly water damage created by broken or accidentally activated fire sprinklers. we call them accidents for a reason; no one ever intended it to happen. “lt was completely unexpected”… lronically, it’s the lack of expectation that causes people to think that they don’t need to consider securing the fire sprinklers in their property. lmagine how many people wouldn’t bother paying for costly auto insurance every month if the law did not require it. Too often we make critical errors that cost 1OO times more than it would had we eliminated the opportunity for it to happen in the first place. So how do these things happen? ln a moment of excitement an overly zealous child throwing a harmless toy. You and a friend are struggling to move a mattress or other pieces of furniture down the hallway. A simple folding ladder meant to help change light bulbs is unintentionally swung and snapping of the fire sprinkler head creating thousands of dollars in water damage removal and repair, the permanent loss of keepsakes, hours, days and sometimes weeks of displacement and even possible increase in your insurance premiums.

Securing the fire sprinkler heads with SprinkGUARD is a simple and affordable solution that virtually eliminates unwanted activations for your fire sprinkler system. Protecting what for most people is your greatest investment should always be a priority, and fortunately with our welded steel design and attractive powder coat finish it will almost always be a onetime investment. SprinkGUARD’s Sidewall, Flush mount and Ceiling Mount guards are easy to install using either step by step instructions that are provided with every unit, or going to the website and viewing the intstructional videos. Homeowners from coast to coast are putting SprinkGUARD to work in their homes and rental properties and so should you.