Busted Sprinkler Floods Ted Adcock Center

Someone hit a fire sprinkler inside the Ted Adcock Community Center on Tuesday afternoon and the result was predictable. About two inches of water fell in the main room and crews worked to clean up the mess.

The Ted Adcock Community Center got a good soaking last week after a ceiling-mounted fire sprinkler flooded the city of Half Moon Bay’s main meeting hall.

The surprise shower occurred around 3:30 p.m. on Jan. 27 after a staff member knocked the sprinkler head off by mistake, according to fire personnel on the scene. The staffer was trying to move a partition that separates the center’s main auditorium when the accident occurred.

The sprinkler sent a torrent of water pouring in the main room, leaving puddles a few inches deep on the floor, before crews could shut off the flow.

Within minutes, a crew of Half Moon Bay Public Works employees and local firefighters turned off the water line and began clearing out equipment in the building. The fire sprinkler wasn’t badly damaged, and workers were able to replace the head with no major difficulties.

The flooding caused a couple of planned meetings to be canceled, according to a city Public Works employee. The city hired a disaster-recovery company to dry out the building with professional equipment, which required about 36 hours.

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