Sprinkler System Break Briefly Closes Tractor Supply

NORTH ADAMS, Mass. — A damaged sprinkler triggered the fire suppression system in the Tractor Supply store on Tuesday, leading to the evacuation of the facility until repairs could be made.

The Fire Department responded to the store after an employee damaged a sprinkler component with a forklift.

"A worker was running a forklift and he was putting some stuff on the shelf and the forklift hit the sprinkler head and broke it, which activated the system, which evacuated the building," Fire Director Steve Meranti said on Thursday.

Meranti said the sprinklers went off in the back room and not in the public area. He said there was minimal stock damage.

The store was shut down for a short period of time until the system could be repaired. It was open on Thursday

"The employee got a little wet," Meranti said. "But other than that, it wasn't too bad."

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