Broken Fire Sprinkler Caused Apartment Water Damage

HANFORD — A broken fire sprinkler damaged two apartment units Saturday and summoned the Hanford Fire Department.

Battalion Chief Erik Brotemarkle said firefighters responded to a water flow alarm around 11:13 p.m. at the Casa Del Sol apartments in the 12100 block of Hanford Armona Road. Brotemarkle said fire sprinklers are linked to an alarm system that notifies the fire department. The alarms typically only sound in the event of a structure fire.

“We send a full structure fire response to any water flow alarm we get,” Brotemarkle said.

Firefighters arrived and determined the alarm had been triggered by a sprinkler head in an upstairs unit that had been accidentally knocked loose. Brotemarkle said firefighters worked with maintenance staff to replace the broken sprinkler and helped residents move furniture and other items to minimize water damage. It’s unclear how much damage the affected units sustained.

Workers shut off power to the affected units to a prevent water from getting into electrical wiring. Casa Del Sol apartments has about 80 units.

Brotemarkle said the Hanford Fire Department received at least two other reports of structure fires over the holiday weekend. Both fires were out before firefighters arrived.

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