Broken Sprinkler Head Causes Ceiling Collapse At Holiday Inn

Fire officials said no one was injured after a broken sprinkler head caused a ceiling to collapse in a hallway of the Richmond, Ind. Holiday Inn Wednesday morning.

  • Collapse limited to hallway outside conference rooms

  • Guest rooms not compromised

  • Official: “[It] sounded a lot worse that what it was.”

UPDATE @ 3:30 a.m.

A broken sprinkler head is believed to the source of a ceiling collapse in a hallway of the Richmond, Ind. Holiday Inn, according to officials with the Richmond Fire Department.

Chief of Fire Prevention Mike Davis said when crews arrived a little before 1 a.m., firefighters located a heavy leak from a broken sprinkler head that caused the ceiling to collapse in a hallway outside the conference rooms.

“We shut down the area, made sure people were out of the way, and were able to figure out there was no major damage, no rooms were compromised and no public safety issues to worry about except for the area outside of the conference rooms,” Davis said.

Davis said in addition to the ceiling collapse, there was a decent amount of flooding in the conference rooms and kitchen.

Some guests and employees evacuated the building, but Davis said there was never a total evacuation of the hotel and no one was injured.

“This was a very good outcome to a response on our dispatch of a collapsed hotel,” Davis said. “No rooms were compromised, no injuries of any kind. It was a pretty happy ending for what it was.”

A damage estimate was not immediately available.

“I start tomorrow with [Richmond Building Commissioner Bruce Oesterling], trying to help them get back up and going, and back to business as usual” Davis said.

UPDATE @ 2:50 a.m.

A fire official in Richmond, Ind. said a partial collapse at the Holiday Inn hotel “sounded a lot worse than what it was.”

Richmond Fire Battalion Chief Charlie Bartlett said the collapse was limited to a hallway ceiling with only drywall and insulation falling.

The cause of the collapse is unknown and is under investigation. A city engineer is expected to investigate at the hotel tomorrow.

Guests and employees were evacuated from the building, but no one was injured. Both workers and guests were allowed to return back into the building.

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