Broken Sprinkler Leads To School Evacuation

RIVERTON — While a student at Rendezvous Elementary was sitting in the office of the school's Sheriff Resource Officer, he took the opportunity to start playing with a kickball when the officer left the room Monday morning.

Ultimately, the student "bounced the ball too high," according to superintendent Terry Snyder. The ball hit an overhead sprinkler, breaking the glass.

The sprinkler turned on, and the fire alarm echoed throughout the school.

By the time the sprinkler was shut off, the office was filled with about an inch of standing water, Snyder said.

The smelly, stagnant water initially led staff on scene to fear there was a gas leak.

All students were evacuated for about a half hour while the sprinkler head was replaced and the system was re-pressurized.

"Fortunately we had a really nice weather day," Snyder said.

Maintenance crews later brought a "wet vac" and removed the water that afternoon.

Snyder said there was ultimately no damage to any electronics and "virtually no significant damage."

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