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The SprinkGUARD Difference

  • Investment

  • Protection

  • Design

  • Vesatility

  • American Made


Why Choose SprinkGUARD for Your Protection

The SprinkGUARD sprinkler head guard has finally crossed the bridge from term to function. This product has an application for nearly every scenario. If damage to sprinklers is either a fear or a business reality, then take a few minutes and review this product, it will be time well spent Jeff Keiper, President | F.E. Moran Fire Protection

Our Satisfied Clients

“In December of 2008, we opened our new Student Lift Facility, the Pfeil Center. In March of 2009, during a soccer pratice, a soccer ball was kicked and busted a sprinkler head, flooding our new gymnasium floor. The result was a long battle with the insurance company and a six month wait for our floor to be replaced. We reached out to SprinkGUARD who introduced us to their fire sprinkler guards. The SprinkGuard has given our institution the peace of mind that our facility will be sufficiently protected for years to come.”

Nathan Walker
Athletic Director Holy Cross College

“We chose SprinkGuard to protect our recreational facilities because their design gives us the most protection we could find for the fire sprinkler heads within our fire suppression system. The cost of SprinkGuard is minimal compared to what we lost when our facility was flooded from a basketball hitting a sprinkler head causing a flood. This disaster not only cost us financially, but we lost the use of our gym for 3 months as our wood floor was taken up and replaced.”friends.”

Department of Recreation
City of Fort Collins, CO