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Flush Mount SprinkGUARD

Flush Mount
Flush Mount
Flush Mount

Flush Mount Fire Sprinkler Head Protection

The Flush Mount SprinkGUARD is designed to protect sprinkler heads from inadvertent activation by foreign objects. Our UL Classified and approved industrial-strength Flush Mount SprinkGUARD is designed for sprinkler heads found in walls and ceilings within the fire suppression system line. 

SprinkGUARD can also custom design guards to meet your specific specifications and unique application.


Item: SG101


UL tested and classified for use with the following sprinkler head manufacturers and models:


Reliable Automatic Sprinkler Company

RA1314, RA1325, RA1414, RA1425, R2921, R1712, R1722, R3612, R3622


Viking Corporation

VK100, VK102, VK200, VK202, VK300, VK302, VK350, VK352



TY313, TY315, TY325, TY3111, TY3121, TY3211, TY4111, TY4131, TY4211

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