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Inline-CKE SprinkGUARD

The Inline-CKE SprinkGUARD is designed to protect sprinkler heads with an intermediate water shield/heat collector affixed to the sprinkler head.  The Inline-CKE guard protects sprinkler heads located in various applications like pallet rack from inadvertent activation by foreign objects. The Inline-CKE SprinkGUARD can be used with upright and pendant style sprinkler heads that have an intermediate water shield. The Inline-CKE unit is designed to accommodate larger orifice sprinkler heads while still preventing accidental activation.

The Inline-CKE guard has a larger baseplate hole opening which allows the guard to lower down over the large sprinkler head (or intermediate water shield). Also provided with the Inline-CKE is a lock-out plate to secure the guard and prevent it from rotating, when struck with force, into the sprinkler head and causing activation.


Item: SG211


UL tested and classified for use with the following sprinkler head manufacturers and models:


Reliable Automatic Sprinkler Company

RA1314, RA1325, RA1414, RA1425, R2921, R1712, R1722, R3612, R3622


Viking Corporation

VK100, VK102, VK200, VK202, VK300, VK302, VK350, VK352



TY313, TY315, TY325, TY3111, TY3121, TY3211, TY4111, TY4131, TY4211

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