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UL Classification


Proven Performance That

Meets Your Requirements

SprinkGUARD is built for safety and performance. When integrating SprinkGUARD into your next project or development, you can rest assured you're using guards that meet both NFPA code and UL requirements for fire suppression systems. 

The UL process is a very long and expensive process, but it’s one that SprinkGUARD values.  The UL Certification process consists of three main tests: water distribution, fire testing, and strength testing. ​

All models have been rigorously UL tested for strength, durability, and spray pattern. SprinkGUARD is UL Classified for use with Reliable, Viking, and Tyco fire sprinkler heads.

Models SG102 Inline, SG103 Endline, SG101 Flush Mount, SG106 Sprig/Drop, SG120 ThreadGuard, SG104 Sidewall intended for field installation with the following listed pendent, upright and sidewall automatic sprinklers.

Reliable Automatic Sprinkler Company, Inc. Sprinkler Identification Numbers

RA1314, RA1325, RA1414, RA1425, R1712, R1722, R2921, R3612, R3622

Model SG104 Sidewall guards intended for field installation with the following Listed 5.6 K-factor, recessed, horizontal sidewall sprinkler: R1435 and the following Listed 8.0 K-factor, recessed, extended coverage, horizontal sidewall sprinkler: RA4862

Viking Corp. Sprinkler Identification Numbers

VK100, VK102, VK200, VK202, VK300, VK302, VK350, VK352

Tyco Fire and Building Products Sprinkler Identification Numbers

TY313, TY315, TY325, TY3111, TY3121, TY3211, TY4111, TY4131, TY4211

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