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Complete Protection For Fire Sprinkler Heads in Religious Facilities

Fire suppression systems are designed to protect life, property, and investments. But what guards that system from potential hazards surrounding it every day? Fire sprinkler heads with common wire guards, or no guards at all, are extremely vulnerable to damage. Heads can be easily activated by a maintenance ladder, children throwing objects, or a guest with a hanger.


The solution to these liabilities is SprinkGUARD. Our industrial strength guards protect against threats of all types. Hundreds of gallons of water hang over your sanctuary, classrooms, offices, gathering areas every minute. Keep them free from unexpected floods and damage with SprinkGUARD.

Replacing Liabilities With Solutions

Maintains Requirements

Unique design maintains the integrity and functionality of your fire suppression system and its components


Smart Risk Management

Provides peace of mind be removing potential safety risks to employees and guests due to accidental activations and flooding


Protects The Bottom Line

Prevents property damage, remediation, relocation, and insurance expenses while avoiding loss of revenue and access

  • What is the cost of your church, house of worship, or other facility?

  • What would it cost to repair or replace materials, furnishings, and equipment?

  • Do you have sprinkler heads that are more susceptible to accidental activation?

  • Is your current protection strong enough to withstand impacts of varying force from multiple types of hazards?

  • Are you or your employees equipped to handle a broken sprinkler head?

  • Can you afford to lose access for a day, a week, or even months?

  • How much of your time would be involved to manage a sprinkler flood?

  • Can your business cover remediation costs until insurance reimbursement?

Things To Consider For Your Facility

If each vulnerable sprinkler head in your facility isn't properly protected then you could have an expensive disaster waiting to happen. Here are just a few questions to ask when evaluating the protection of your fire sprinkler heads.


Unmatched Protection


SprinkGUARD delivers industrial-strength protection for fire sprinkler head. Guards are designed to withstand the force of foreign objects and other hazards. Common guards made of low gauge wire offer minimal impact protection.

Innovative Design


Common guards create a weak point by attaching directly to the sprinkler head. SprinkGUARD is anchored to the supply line, avoiding any contact with the sprinkler head. Guards are aesthetically conforming to most interiors and available in a variety of powder coated colors.


UL Classified


SprinkGUARD is built for performance and safety. Guards have been rigorously UL tested for strength, durability, and spray pattern and classified for use in fire suppression systems. Rest assured you are using guards that meet NFPA code and UL requirements.

Protect Your Facilities With SprinkGUARD Today!

Fill out the form below with your requirements and one of our specialists will be in touch to discuss your project specifications. 

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